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York Community Auditorium PSA



The New Community Auditorium at York HS will have the following features which will make it a very flexible resource for the community:

  • 750 comfortable seats to accommodate the entire student body and faculty
  • Air conditioning for year-round use
  • AV projection system with a large screen
  • Ability to broadcast to the local access cable channel, TV and radio Very good acoustical properties
  • Auditorium sound, lighting and dimming systems for a variety of performance types. Systems can be expanded in the future as may be required.
  • Stage will have a full fly gallery for raising and lowering scenery
  • Removable seats in the front rows for an orchestra or band
  • Direct access from back Stage to the Chorus & Music Rooms, and Dressing Rooms for performers and instruments.
  • Good sight-lines from all seats to the stage
  • Fully handicap accessible. Ample public accommodations and restrooms for all ages.
  • Wireless internet throughout
  • Parking for 370 cars
  • Ability to use the facility after school hours and on weekends without having to open the entire school.
  • Good security system.
  • Highly energy efficient. See below. 

York Schools Educational Uses

  • All-School meetings — 750 seats can accommodate the entire high school student body and faculty
  • Chorus Program - performances & rehearsals
  • Band Program - performances & rehearsals 
  • Drama Program - performances & rehearsals, Theater Tech class
  • Potential future dance program
  • K-12 Concerts, Performances, Graduations, Transition ceremonies (e.g. - 4th grade to Middle School)
  • Lecture facility for groups of any size and curriculum, speakers on any topic
  • Seminars, panel presentations, multi-disciplinary classes
  • Student testing
  • Student Council
  • Function space for student/parent/faculty/ administration group meetings (e.g. — Parent Night, College Night, Financial Aid Night, Graduation planning, etc.)
  • Job Fairs
  • Adult Ed classes
  • Large public hearings on any school department topic
  • Teacher training seminars such as the York Summer Teacher Institute
  • Educational Groups - State Board of Education, Maine School Management Association, Maine Library Association, etc.
  • Hosting regional or Statewide competitions — Chorus, Band, One Act Plays, Debate Tournaments, Poetry Out Loud, Odyssey of the Mind, Robotics, STEM, etc.
  • High School Talent Show
  • Ability to attract some traveling performing groups for the benefit of students — Da Ponte String Quartet, Portland Ballet, etc. 

York Community Uses
  • Annual Town Meetings
  • Large public meetings on any municipal or community topic
  • Public speaking events — e.g. — Senators Collins and King, speakers on any topic
  • Summer Community Theater
  • Parks & Recreation summer camps
  • Summer season public events
  • Local dance groups
  • Local community groups — Rotary, Lion's Club, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Film festival

Business and Higher Education

  • York County Community College events and lectures
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard events
  • Corporate use for training, seminars, event
    s, annual meetings, etc.


The Multi-Purpose Room replaces a small room behind the existing stage which will be removed as part of the construction. It will be a simple box in design used by many departments for a variety of functions.

  • Chorus, Drama, Music, Dance practice and rehearsals when the Stage is being used for other functions. The floor will be marked with the exact size of the performance area of the stage for rehearsals, developing blocking, building sets, etc.
  • PE and Athletics training, aerobics, Health class, Adult Education Programs Expanded Lobby space usable for concessions at large events Black Box theater Wrestling practice – the room is sized to fit the existing YHS wrestling mats. It will have a matt lifting system for storing mats above in the exposed roof structure when not in use. High enough ceiling for safe cheerleading practice. Nearby men's and a women’s bathrooms. A storage room for equipment. Accessible for after-hours use. Simple sound system, lighting system, and good acoustical properties. It will be acoustically isolated from the stage to permit simultaneous use. Team meetings, teacher meetings, departmental meetings Community events Other?